About THE SPeakers

Through the years, the McElroys have spoken to millions around the world, becoming one of the most sought after couples in the country to speak on marriage and family issues. Their ability to weave wit and wisdom, combined with their award-winning drama engages their audience's attention, while their authenticity and down-to-earth style inspires their audience's trust. 

They have been used extensively by some of the most influential churches in America and some of the most outstanding companies in the nation like Chick-fil-A through its WinShape Marriage Foundation and as one of their lead speakers. The McElroys also serve as adjunct faculty for their WinShape Marriage Retreat near Atlanta, GA.

Jeff and Debby are used by 1st Responder organizations to help their couples navigate the stresses unique to their service. The U.S. Army uses Jeff & Debby at bases across the U.S. and overseas to help improve family resiliency.  Missionary organizations have invited them to help couples serving in mission fields to keep their missionary families strong. Joni Erickson Tada has asked Jeff & Debby to be the architects of her Joni & Friends ministry to the marriages of parents of special needs kids. They have been featured on America’s Funniest People and Marriage Today.

See the video below about the event and the message from Jeff & Debby following it. 

gallery/jnd pic from hope cox