Who is hosting this event?

Your Thomasville area churches of various denominations, as a way of investing in the families of our community.


Where will the event be held?

At the Thomasville Best Western Plus Rose City Conference Center Inn.

133 Liberty St.

Thomasville, GA 31757

Will this be a "touchy-feely" marriage conference where I'll feel uncomfortable or embarrassed?

Absolutely not! In fact, that's one of the main reasons we've contracted with Jeff & Debby McElroy to be our speakers. They are the most popular couple to speak on marriage in a way that men enjoy. Check out these videos and you'll see what we mean!


Is childcare provided?

Yes! Free childcare is available ages birth - 5th grade. However, please make sure to register your children as soon as possible so we can plan for an adequate number of childcare workers. (You'll be able to register your kids when you register for the conference.)


Did I hear right - that 1st responders (police, sheriff, firefighters and EMTs) and active military can come for free?

That's right! You pay a high price in your own families while taking care of ours. This is a small way we can say "thank you." We care about your marriage and family and want to be here to help you, even beyond the marriage conference!


Can engaged or seriously-dating couples attend?

Sure! However, we would also encourage you to contact Jeff & Debby's office at 865-769-2611 for information on their Prepare to Last premarital resource and retreat, which is specifically for seriously-dating, engaged and newlywed couples.


I'm single or divorced. Can I attend?

Yes. In fact, we've heard from many singles who have attended this conference that it helped give them insights that can be applied to current or future relationships, and provided understanding as to what may have been missing in past relationships. However, please understand this is designed primarily with the focus on providing an inspiring experience for couples. There will be times when couples are encouraged to discuss something with their spouse. During those times, we encourage you to perhaps take that opportunity to write down any thoughts of reflection or insights you may have.


My spouse can't/won't come. Can I attend?

Yes! Just see the note above. In addition, we would encourage you to spend this time learning and working on yourself, not on your spouse. Taking what you learned home to make your spouse better is NOT a successful strategy. Pray before you come for the Lord to deal with you to make YOU better and trust Him to deal with your spouse.